How to register online for classes:


Scroll down the schedule on the ‘Classes’ page to view classes by day, time, age and see what works best for your dancer. Be sure to scroll through each day of the week to be sure you’ve found the best fit.


Decide on which class(es) you’d like your dancer to partake in, we do offer a 5% discount for siblings and/or multiple classes. (The discount is applied after enrollment, it is done manually by PHDS)


Click the ENROLL/REGISTER button for the class(es) you are choosing. As a new family, you will need to set up an account via JackRabbit (this is a one and done thing, you’ll never need to register for an account again).

To create an account, click the ENROLL/REGISTER button next to the class you’re registering for and you will be taken to our online registration form. Fill out all required information, including CC/Bank Account information, or your registration will not finalize and you will have to start over again. Please remember that we work with a third-party encrypted site with our dance studio software so your information is protected and nothing will be charged until you have agreed on a payment plan with us (unless you decide to pay right away while enrolling).


After you have created an account and selected your class(es), you should log in and get acquainted with your new portal! If there are any questions while registering or if you you hit a snag when trying to enroll your dancer, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll help you out!