Welcome to Performing Hearts Dance Studio

Most of you have already joined our family, but in case you’re a newcomer and have no idea who we are and what we’re about. We’d like to give you a brief introduction into Performing Hearts. Miss Cally & Miss Ally are best friends who grew up dancing together and teaching together before opening the doors to PHDS in February 2011. Our family grows each year with new dancers who quickly make their way into our hearts We live to teach these young hearts all about dance and, in turn, hope to instill the same passion for the art of dance that we developed as young dancers.

Our year-round session is so much more than learning routines. We strive to work on overall technique and strength in each class, so our dancers grow stronger and more skilled as dancers with every session. We encourage our classes to tell stories through their dances to pair with our theme and understand the message we try to convey to our audiences in our grand recital. It’s more than a performance; it’s truly a show that our dancers produce themselves. We love what we do and couldn’t do it without our dancers. We cannot wait to expand our family with each year and are excited for what the future brings to our studio!