• If you have a question or concern, please email the studio.

  • If you need to remove your student from class early, please inform the teacher prior to class.

  • Please be prompt to pick up your child at the end of class. If they must wait, have them prepare ahead of time with some homework or a book to keep them occupied.

  • Parents/Students should call or email the studio to let their teacher know if they will be missing class.

  • Students who did not attend school due to illness should not attend dance class. If your dancer shows signs of contagious illness fever, nausea, chills, etc. please keep them home to get well, and keep from spreading the illness to the other dancers.

  • Attendance in class is mandatory (with the exception of illness), and you are responsible for tuition, regardless of how many classes are attended.

  • Excessive absences (more than 5) will result in removal from one dance of teacher’s choice in recital.

  • Performing Hearts Dance Studio will post notices and information on the Parent Portal, Facebook page, through emails/text messages, and inside the facility, as well as, on occasion, sending home notes with the students.

  • Make-up dance days will only be rescheduled once if a class needs to be made up (non-weather related), if an instance arises in which that make-up class is canceled it will not be made up again.

It is also the parent's responsibility to inform Performing Hearts Dance Studio of any email address, home address or telephone number change, as well as using the parent portal to update any and all information. If you are not receiving e-mails you must contact PHDS.


  • Every year-round session has 3 built-in snow days, because it’s Wisconsin!

  • When inclement weather hits, we watch radar and will watch local forecasts before making any decisions on class cancelations.

  • Our policy is to follow suit with the School District of Wisconsin Dells, so if they cancel school - we will not have dance classes that evening.

  • After three snow days per class day, we will add on time to the remaining classes, add on an extra make up class if schedule allows or give extra on-stage time to the classes who might need it.


  • AGES 3-6 routinely wear ballet tights with dance dresses, leotard/skirts, leotard/leggings, etc. with leg warmers, etc. Dress is layers as cooler weather approaches. BALLET + TAP SHOES REQUIRED.

  • AGES 7 & OLDER are required to wear ALL BLACK form-fitted attire. Leggings, yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, zip ups, tights + spandex shorts, etc. Attire must be 98% black so we can monitor technique and body placement while in class. TAP SHOES REQUIRED.

  • HIP-HOP CLASSES are welcome to wear more vibrant clothing to class. Sweat pants, leggings, zip ups, t-shirts, etc. are allowed. NON-MARKING STREET SHOES ENCOURAGED.



  • Students are expected to be ready for their lesson by the start of class time.

  • Students should be dressed in the appropriate attire (see dress code below) with their hair secured back, and that they have used the restroom.

  • No gum, food or drinks are permitted in the studio. Water bottles are permitted.

  • Students may not sit down unless told to do so by their teacher.

  • No excessive conversation should take place during class. This can be disruptive to fellow classmates on the floor.

  • Students can learn by observing others.

  • Please be respectful of yourself and others.

  • Kindness goes far. No foul language will be tolerated.

  • Students may not leave the classroom without a teacher's permission. This is for their safety.

  • Parents are not allowed into ongoing classes. No eating is permitted in the studio.

  • If you must eat, please do so in the waiting area and clean up after yourself.

  • No unattended children are permitted in the dance studios/warm up room without a teacher.

  • No street shoes are permitted on the dance floor/warm up room floors as dirt, rainwater, grime and winter salt can cause the flooring to erode and will break down dance she n oes.

  • Please turn off cell phones prior to entering class, they are a distraction, they should be housed in your dance bag throughout your time in the studio space.

  • Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your dancer's class. Students with too much time before class tend to get restless in the waiting area and then tired in class.

  • Horseplay is not tolerated in the waiting area or warm up room. It is distracting to the classes currently being held and has caused damage to the waiting area.

  • The benches and chairs are for sitting on; please no standing on benches or chairs is permitted.

  • Do not bring valuables to dance class. Performing Hearts Dance Studio is not responsible for items lost or stolen in the waiting area.

  • No food, street shoes, jackets or dance bags/backpacks are allowed in the warm up room because of its size.


tuition policies:

We offer the following options for all year-round tuition payments:

  • Full Payment (due by the first week of classes)

  • Semester Payment (two dated payments with reminder)

  • Monthly Payment (first of every month - six months)

  • Weekly Payment (every Friday - 21 weeks)

No payments are taken without discussion between us and parent/guardians. When you enroll you enter CC/bank information but nothing is done until a payment plan is agreed upon between you and PHDS.