Once upon a time… 


HAHAHAHA! … not quite, but girls can dream, right?

We’re best friends who have shared a love of dance for more than 15 years and didn't think owning a business in their early 20’s could be THAT BAD. Well, owning a business is hard work, but when passion mixes in with business then things just get fun and we’ve been having a whole lot of fun since February 2011.

So hi, We’re Cally & Ally!

  • Yep, our names rhyme - and listening to a sweet 3 year old decipher between the two names make us giggle.

  • We’ve been best friends for more than 15 years

  • Our dance journeys started at the same studio in Baraboo, WI but we didn’t meet until we were assistants (Cally 16, Ally 13) although our families go WAYYYY back!

  • We transferred to Kris Pickar’s School of Dance in Sauk City, WI where we continued our education together in studio for 3-4 years

  • We taught for 4 years at a local dance studio who has also produced a few other successful dance studio owners before venturing out on our own crazy adventure at the end of 2010.

  • After two studio spaces, a baby, an engagement/marriage, and a lot of crazy twists and turns we’re still choreographing and having the time of our lives.

We believe in creating pieces of art, in the form of dance, that speak to every day life triumphs, struggles, moments of weakness and huge strength.

Building confidence in children, while still being able to let them know they have room for growth is so important and we do not shy away from correcting our dancers. Technique is just as important as artistic expression and fun. You can have all three while in class! Our own teachers believed the same things and without corrections and one-on-one help we would not be the dancers/choreographers we are today. We continue to study dance, be inspired by other choreographers and take classes at conventions whenever we can - because as a dancer you are NEVER done learning. If you can’t continually learn new things, then where’s the fun in dance?

So, come on, join our crazy dance family! We have dance parties, work hard, have treat days, sing at the top of our lungs, laugh, push each other to be better, treat each other with kindness, ask questions, give answers, work hard and love each other very much. There is a place for you here, and we’d love it if you joined us for one class, one year or many years.

Also, the picture you see above took an hour to find - we’re usually a little too busy running classes and creating meaningful shows to stop and take photos together, but we’re working on it!