Combination Dance Classes

3-4 Year:  Ballet and tap are introduced to our dancers at this age.  Ballet positions, terminology, basic floor and foot work is taught on a weekly basis; slowly working up to choreography in dances which is both educational and fun.  Tap rhythms and basics are taught numerous ways to students (clapping, maracas, etc.) and all 3-4 year old tappers perform a yearly ‘traditions tap’ dance created by Performing Hearts that focuses on the basic tap techniques.  45 minutes

5-6 Year:  This combination class expands the basics of a 3-4 class and gives dancers the chance to learn more about the genres of tap, jazz and ballet in one class.  Performing Hearts Dance Studio begins to emphasize the performance quality of movements at this age and will work with dancers on precision of movements throughout the session.  One hour

7-8 Year:  Dancers begin to learn warm-ups, floor work and steps they will carry on to more advanced classes, focusing on moving through the space of the studio/stage and enhancing their showmanship during choreographed routines.  This age begins to perform jazz, lyrical and tap in recitals.  One hour

9-10 Year:  Expansion on the 7-8 year combo class with heavier emphasis in choreography and skill sets for across the floor routines.  Kicks, turns and combinations involving intricate counts are included in these classes.  Performance quality is expected from this point forward, class involves hip-hop, jazz, lyrical and tap.  One hour

11-12 and 13-14 Year:  This combination classes features the widest span of ages, all of which are expected to dance to the level of choreography presented.  Lyrical and modern dances become more involved in a play on words and will usually tell a story, jazz and tap combinations get more difficult as choreography prepares our oldest combination class for their teen classes and even college level dance classes.  Facials and performance quality are used in pieces which open and close our shows usually.  One hour  

Teen Dancer Classes:  When at the High School level, classes become separated into hour-long classes for each genre studied.  Teens have the option to pick and choose which classes they’d like to be involved in.  Placement in classes is handled by Miss Cally based on the number of students per teen class; multiple classes for one genre may be created based on its popularity.  Classes to choose from are:  Modern/Lyrical, Jazz, Tap, HipHop  plus the option to take part in any technique and/or company classes.  One hour each.

Please Note: at age 13 dancers will be placed into classes manually.  You will not be able to register online for their combination classes.  An in-studio registration will be announced before classes begin to meet with Cally about schedule availabilities.  This policy will carry into Teen Classes beginning the 2018 dance season due to sheer quantity of teen dancers.


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