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*All of our classes, unless noted otherwise will be combination classes consisting of tap, jazz and ballet basics.  We encourage our students, no matter what age to take part in combo classes so they can learn various genres of dance and work towards becoming more well-rounded dancers and performers.   All of our combination classes require tap and ballet shoes for ages 3-6, and tap shoes for ages 7 and older.

*Company Class, Hip Hop 3, and any technique classes require that dancer take a combination class if interested in those more advanced classes

New: Dancers ages 7 & up need to have specialty footwear for lyrical/ jazz numbers. Please request more information at the time of registration/ first class.


Basic Dance Genre Information for dancers and families:

Ballet Basics  In this class, students learn the fundamentals of dance (ages 3-6 years). Ballet is the basis for all dance forms, and is therefore required in order to participate in Jazz, Tap, and Contemporary Modern. Students will learn poise and grace. This class sets the foundation for strong and competent athletes to excel in every genre of dance.

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Jazz  A fun and energetic movement form where students learn to dance and perform at a fast pace that is fun and exciting for everyone. Flexibility, jumps and isolations are taught to create a stylized form of dance that draws from a number of different inspirations.

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Tap  An understanding of rhythm and timing is essential for dancers, and this class focuses on just that. Young students will learn traditional tap steps, while learning to stay with the beat of the music. As dancers progress, they are challenged to create new rhythms with a greater understanding of musicality.

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Lyrical/Modern  Lyrical/Modern is a freeing expression of dance. Students will grasp a better understanding of parallel and turned out, with a strong focus on the spine and its relationship to every movement we do. This is an artistically creative class that encourages an exploration of the human condition in relationship to dance.  Lyrical dance classes for kids begins at age 7 in their combo classes.

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Hip-Hop  This urban dance form was created to contest the formal training done in the studios. It is the only class offered at Performing Hearts Dance Studio where students who are enrolled do not need to take a combination class at 7/8 and 9/10 years old, although it is encouraged, especially if they are current PHDS dancers. This class is fun and energetic while teaching students a style that can be applied in other dance forms.  

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